Director: Alessio De Marchi and Alessandra Turcato

Category: Short

Year:  2016

Country: Italy

Runtime: 2 minutes 31 seconds

Production Budget: -- USD

During the last decades, natural resources have been thinning while extraction technologies have grown more complex and expensive. Metals, precious metals in particular, are at the base of the economy and are necessary in the production of most of our commodities, from cars to ICT, from medicine to art. Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) yields higher percentages of precious metals compared to remaining natural deposits. However, separating such complex materials, which are fully assembled and capillary-distributed around the planet, poses challenging logistic, technological, social as well as environmental issues. Among other issues, information and education were highlighted as key players. It is therefore necessary for new generations to open up to a wider vision of technology, not only as means of communication, but for its true material value of Electric and Electronic Equipment (EEE). Thus, understanding where things come from and where they will go, hence discovering different aspects of the economic cycle, from production to urban mining and consumer awareness, are fundamental. The video was made with the students of the State School of Arts "A. Passoni"