Through the Mirrors

Director: Kathy Kasic

Category: Short

Genres: Experimental, Music Video

Year:  2017

Country: United States

Runtime: 9 minutes 8 seconds

Production Budget: --

“Through the Mirrors” is a poetic film about the fate of love in the
face of time, inspired by the poem “As I Walked Out One Evening”, by WH
Auden. Although it uses no spoken word, the film has three voices: a
narrator-pianist (Julien Brocal), an elderly woman (Susan Heyneman), and
Time. As the woman remembers her love, the pianist performs the tone and
rhythm of her memory in a room filled with mirrors, while projections of
her life play back into the mirrors. The music that the pianist performs
is by Ravel "Miroirs: La Vallée des Cloches” and Mompou “La Fuente y La
Campana”; both compositions relate to the passing of time.