Director: Juan Francisco Viruega

Category: Short

Year:  2018

Country: Spain

Runtime: 17 minutes

Production Budget: 20.000 USD

The tragedy that the poet Federico Gª Lorca could not write...
A father and his son live in an isolated farmhouse. They just lost and buried the mother. Silence, modesty and hunger settle between them. The son finds a lost donkey, decides to take care of it and take responsibility for it. A wonderful friendship grows between them.



A walk

Director: Elke Vanoost

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: Belgium

Runtime: 19 minutes

Production Budget: 7.000 EUR

Luna and Amine cross paths. She is 26, he is 17: This is an encounter between two strangers at different stages of their lives. Together they walk through the city as it is waking up. 'A walk' shows an intense, prolonged moment between two strangers meeting, arguing, connecting and then separating again.



Wall of death

Director: Mladen Kovacevic

Category: Feature

Year:  2016

Country: Serbia

Runtime: 61 minutes

Production Budget: --

Brankica was the central attraction at country-fairs, when she was just 10 years old. Her big brothers were star acrobats on the wall of death, legends in former Yugoslavia, she was the princess on the wall. Now, her brothers are long gone, she is the only one left behind. A 43-year-old grandmother of six grandchildren, she is repeating the same old stunts on her motorcycle while riding on the sidewalls of the 6 meters wide wooden barrel. She lingers between her melancholic memories and the claustrophobic existence around the last remaining wall of death.





Director: Hakan Can

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: Germany

Runtime: 9 minutes

Production Budget: 3.000 EUR

The film YOU WANTED TO BE A POEM narrates the story of a young gangster in the entangled story of three characters: Hektor, Sophie and Causal. Hektor wants to flee with Sophie from the fourteenth district. But before they can do so, Sophie wants to have a ring without telling him why.




Director: Mohammed Jaffar

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: Iraq

Runtime: 28 minutes

Production Budget: 15.000 USD

In IRAQ , Military media team help and rescuer Mosul family from the rubble after their house was blown up by ISIS



Abound Box

Director: Sheri Wills

Category: Short

Year:  2015

Country: United States

Runtime: 5 minutes

Production Budget: --

Shot on Super8 and combined with photograms, this abstract piece explores the film frame as a box for things that live within the margins of experience. Small moments, soon to be placed in a crowded shelf, impossible to find again.
The sound is adapted from recordings from the University of California, Santa Barbara Cylinder Audio Archive.



It’s a Flawed Circle

Director: M.I.

Category: Feaure

Year:  2017

Country: Italy

Runtime: 108 minutes

Production Budget: 25.000 EUR

Who's Jane? Theo, in search of his place in the world, will try to discover the true identity of the girl. But many secrets and ancient grudges will come to light...





Director: Anna Mantzaris

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: United Kingdom

Runtime: 3 minutes

Production Budget: --

Moments of lost self-control.



DNA of Wilde Beasts

Director: Delphine Montaigne

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: France

Runtime: 18 minutes

Production Budget: 40.000 EUR

Along her team, the "36', Lea, commander of operation, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes, and is one the top on the French police force.Protected and connected by their invisible bonds weaknesses and solidarity is in their DNA



Simona & Eden

Director: Tamar Goren

Category: Short

Year:  2017

Country: Israel

Runtime: 15 minutes

Production Budget: 2.500 USD

Simona and Eden are running away from the Teen Shelter They live in, in order to find a fresh start together in Eilat (a southern resort town). The journey soon will bring forward their differences.